February 2, 2011

Dear Tear,

Not so long ago
When relief swept my mind
your trickling down
spoke of my unspoken mind

I had thought of you before,
as not a part of me
not wanting to be part of me

But as I think of you now,
you are me
and the only truth of me

You ignore my fake laugh
as futile call and
roll, roll down only as I roll over on floor

Oh, when you swell in my eyes
and refute to leave
how true do you know
me and the way I live

when my mouth was dry
and the night was too long
quenched my thirst with salt
and left yourself to dry all night

Though I have been an infidel
I, now, wait for you
for me to know myself

Thanks and Regards

September 23, 2010

In Between


day and night 
wrong and right,
life and plan
death and unplanned,
sleep and dream
fake and awake,
hide and seek
 hope and belief, 
smile and lie
pain and time, 
walk and reach
home and preach, 
question and reason
answer and emotion

is a life called I.

June 23, 2010

The Walk

when I cant find myself
I take the path familiar
- the path unknown

In the daily dusk,
I walk into blind corner
-blinding for what I have known

With the stars gaze,
I  gaze beyond oceans shore
-deafening myself with the oceans roar

Under the lamp posts soft glow,
I hear people talk about daily chores
- I, I dream of my untold folklore

In broad day light,
I steal what is mine
- ignoring the day and time

The path unknown
like a distant memory
with time
becomes stranger to itself
and grows stronger
for you to keeping going back to it

till, till you find yourself

There are times in a lifetime
when you hope to find yourelf,
most times though
you want to walk down
the unknown path